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March 16, 2015

DOE Issues Final RFP for Idaho Cleanup Project Core

Cincinnati – The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today issued the final Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) Core procurement. At the end of this contract the majority of cleanup will be complete in Idaho and remaining nuclear materials will be in safe storage. The ICP Core contract is a performance based contract type that includes Cost-Plus-Incentive-Fee (CPIF) Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) with hybrid fee structures for both CPIF and schedule milestone and performance incentive fees; and a Cost-Plus-Fixed-Fee (CPFF) CLIN.  The estimated dollar value for this procurement is greater than $1 Billion, with a five year period of performance. This procurement will be full and open competition. 

The ICP Core procurement is one of the four procurements that resulted from the Idaho Site Office of Environmental Management Post FY 2015 Acquisition Planning.  A Draft RFP was released December 22, 2014, requesting comments from industry.

The RFP includes ongoing Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project (AMWTP) and ICP work scopes that must continue into the future: completing treatment of the liquid sodium bearing waste, stabilizing and storing  spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste; dispositioning transuranic waste; retrieving and dispositioning targeted buried waste; closing the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC) tank farm; maintaining the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) remedial actions; and operating and maintaining the INTEC, the Radioactive Waste Management Complex (RWMC), and the Radioactive Scrap and Waste Facility (RSWF) facility infrastructure. This procurement will be full and open competition, with a five year period of performance.

The scope of work in the contract will allow continued compliance with regulatory requirements and protection of the environment and the Snake River Plain aquifer.

Additional information on the RFP is available at:
https://www.emcbc.doe.gov/SEB/ICPCORE/index.php.  DOE has requested that all proposals be submitted to the designated procurement address no later than May 12, 2015.

Editorial Date Mar 16, 2015
By Danielle Miller









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